Good News: Free Removal of CARIBE/Cabir Virus


Caribe, also known as Cabir, is a mobile virus that is designed to debilitate mobile phones
using Symbian operating systems.

The Caribe virus reduces the battery life of your mobile and slows the
running of all applications on your mobile device. Once in your mobile, the
virus will attempt to send itself to other mobiles via bluetooth.

To AVOID getting the CARIBE virus, change bluetooth settings to “hidden” and
do not accept bluetooth files from unknown devices. The virus spreads to other mobiles by
searching for other devices via bluetooth, so do not accept the “caribe.sis” file at anytime. Do not

How do you CONFIRM you have the CARIBE virus? Just check your Application
Manager or search for it in the File Manager. A giveway sign is the appearance
of a jigsaw puzzle icon with the words caribe.

GOOD NEWS! are offering free software to rid your phone of the nasty Caribe bug.
Simply download at and install in your applications file.

The “CabirFix” file completely removed the Caribe virus from my mobile.
After enduring weeks of mobile inconvenience, I gotta say a big thank you to the team at

Good Luck. I hope this info is of some help.


Dean Keep.


~ by Dean on April 17, 2006.

2 Responses to “Good News: Free Removal of CARIBE/Cabir Virus”

  1. I l;ove it,it seems the best anti virus for our phones,easy t use,esy t find,easy t destroy

  2. I wid like to insure my phone from virusw

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