Making the mobile drama draft

One of the most difficult things to get done during the course of this Masters by Research degree has been the finalizing of the script. I have written down and expanded upon so many ideas and I am finally getting it together. The new script will take a much less rigid approach to the scripting and production of the drama. I am more interested in the discoveries that are made along the way. I will be filming all the work, so a clear idea of the look and feel of the piece is beginning to emerge. Over the next few day I will write out and post all the episodes outlines.

I started out with ‘Missing Emily’, a complex story with multiple story threads and a large cast of characters. Then it was the voyeurism of ‘Velocity’, which twisted more into the latest and final concept ‘Splinters’, which looks at the convergence of the virtual and real life in the form of a thriller. ‘Splinters’ explores the blurringof dreams and reality within the framework of the ordinary world. The protagonist Emma Kane is caught in a dreamscape that mirrors her fears and fantasies, but where reality begins and ends is something only she can determine.

Below are my notes so far…..

Splinters (convergence)


The morning starts like any other day and Emma turns on the radio and prepares herself for the busy day ahead. Waiting for Emma on her desk is a small parcel. She surveys the room looking for a sign, but the office staff are busy working and the moment appears to go unnoticed.

The arrival of the gift, a mobile phone, triggers a bizarre series of events. Emma Kane feels she is being watched, and she is right. The mobile phone becomes a conduit for the delivery of creepy images and text messages from a mysterious admirer who has decided to turn Emma’s life into a living hell.

But where does reality and fantasy begin and end? The lines begin to blur as Emma finds it increasingly difficult to tell fiction from reality. Is it all really happening, or is it simply all an illusion?

Time is fractured and splintered as the virtual and real worlds converge to create a surreal story space that has it’s roots in the subconscious world of dreams and hidden desires.
The story begins with the arrival of Emma Kane at work.
The delivery of the mobile phone is rather exciting and she is delighted to receive a message from her new admirer. The first gifts arrive and the mystery man is providing Emma with plenty of incentive to keep the game going, but it’s not until strange things begin to happen that Emma starts to wonder what she has got herself in for. Slowly the distinction between the real world and the virtual begins to blur as Emma questions her sanity. Are these events really happening, and if so, how can she stop them when nobody around her seems to notice the strange going ons.

The threats get more menacing and the actions more violent. A scene in a local pool involves a hand suddenly holding Emma’s head under the water. When she is finally released, Emma emerges gasping for breath; she cannot believe that no-one has witnessed the crime. Everything appears as normal as she watches the people swimming, completely oblivious to her ordeal.

The climax comes when Emma finally comes face to face with her tormentor on the platform of an underground train station. Instead of killing Emma, he commits suicide in front of her, therefore permanently traumatizing her. The final image is a slow zoom to a freeze frame as Emma continues to scream.

This story is working in a different way from the previous scripts. I am trying to work straight from the imagination by not planning out the action in an overly structured manner such as the 3 act structure. Instead, I am opting for a much more free form approach by letting the story take it’s own path. I am compiling scenes and allowing the scenes to change depending on the relationship that is established with the preceding or prior scene information. I want the script to have a sense that it is almost as random as the going ons in the story. I am aware though that there is some need for structure.


~ by Dean on April 20, 2007.

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