Mobile Phone Photography/Video Exhibition 07


The mobile phone camera has become a window to the world, a ubiquitious
media device recording the emphemera of our daily lives. So what happens when
you take these little low resolution images off the phone and blow them up into
large photographic prints?

“The Order of Magnitude” is a photographic exhibition that explores
the potential of the mobile phone as an image making device.

Working from a manifesto that embraces the “Low Res” and celebrates
the digital debris produced by the mobile-phone camera
are a group of 4 artists determined to explore the unique qualities
and constraints afforded by the mobile phone camera.

Using enlarged photographs and video produced by mobile-phones to explore
notions of place and memory, this exhibition presents the viewer with
an engaging representation of the familiar, the mundane and the everyday.

The exhibition opens August 14, 2007 at The First Site Gallery.
Located at the vaulted basement of Storey Hall at 344 Swanston St, Melbourne.

new-union-arts-bw-logo.jpg first_site_logo.jpg


~ by Dean on July 18, 2007.

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