Mobile Media Considerations: What are the key issues?


I have been running classes on producing narrative based content
for the mobile phone for a few years now. Over that period
the mobile media industry has continued to flourish and
this has led to technological improvements in phone design
and data capabilities. The mobile phone has become a lifestyle
management tool and a portal for advertising, television and movie content.

But are the punters convinced ? Has there been a shift in
the publics’ perceptions of the mobile phone?

I have compiled a list of students suggestions that outline
the considerations and constraints afforded by the mobile phone.
I hope this is of use to other mobile media content producers.

• Comedy works best.
• Not a great medium for video and sound.
• MTV generation- instant gratification.
• Animation perhaps more suited to the medium.
• Screen too small for text.
• Speaker quality on mobile poor.
• Minimal colour palette works best.
• Short, quick and to the point.
• File size issues dictate content.
• Simple edits and transitions are most effective.
• Less talking, more self explanatory.
• Mobile movies rely heavily on the picture.
• Simple and short narratives work best.
• Convenient format.
• Good for advertising.
• A waste of time if you like high video quality.
• Sound, story and audio poor in comparison to a cinema or television.
• Mobiles need a larger screen for better viewing.
• Technology is at an infant stage and will improve.
• Viewer expectations are lower than that of traditional viewing modes.
• Most content designed for a youth market
• Content needs to develop to the needs of a wider audience.
• A medium for higher income audience.


~ by Dean on July 19, 2007.

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