Top Ten Tips for making Mobile Movies


Making Mobile Movies is a fun way to
get creative and make the most of your
mobile phone. You can use a mini dv,
digital camera or the digital video function
on your phone to make the movie.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Plan your mobile movie.
Brainstorm ideas and decide
what your movie is about?

2. How long is a mobile movie?
Short and sweet is the name of the game.
1-3 minutes work best.

3. Create a script and storyboard.
Don’t write an epic! A simple story is all you need.
Remember: you are only making a short film.
(storyboard templates and tips can be found online)

4. Start filming.
-Frame shots tightly.
-Avoid long shots. Close-ups work best.
-Excessive panning and movement can create blurry footage,
but that can also give your film a unique look.
-Experiment and create new ways of shooting and framing content.
-Bold, strong colours stand out best on the small screen.
-Lighting is very important, so choose well lit
locations, or add additional light sources.
Note: Poor lighting results in footage that can be difficult
to view on mobile phone screens.

5. Edit your movie.
Transfer your footage to the computer and edit using
digital editing software such as imovie, final cut pro, after effects, premiere, etc.
Remember to put your best foot forward.
Save as you go and only use the footage that best illustrates your story.
Remove poor quality footage and re-shoot where necessary.

6. Save your completed movie.
When you are happy with your footage, it’s time to save your movie.
I recommend exporting a full quality version to your desktop
This way you will always have a full quality original that you can play on a wide variety of formats.

7. Create a Mobile Movie file.

Remember size is important. Aim for the smallest file size that allows the best quality audio and vision. Open your movie in “Quicktime Pro” then experiment with the export options tab to control the file size and quality of your movie.
You may want to make multiple copies at different settings and compare them. Note down your “Quicktime Pro” settings so you can repeat the process if necessary. When you are happy with your movie, simply save it as a 3gpp file. Some editing applications can also export 3gpp files that will be ready to play on your mobile phone.

8. Transfer your Movie to your Phone

Use the bluetooth application on the computer, a card reader or a mobile phone connection lead to transfer the movie to your phone.

9. Play the movie on the phone

Share the fruits of your labour with friends via MMS, email or web.
You may want to enter your movie into a Mobile Movie festival

10. Congratulations!

You are now a mobile movie maker.
Take a seat in the directors chair and give yourself a pat on the back.
Now you are reday to make another mobile movie.




~ by Dean on July 19, 2007.

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    Interesting article, Thanks for sharing.

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