Velocity: trial versions of my mobisode experiment


As I near completion of the Masters project, I have been digging
through my archives of early experiments in producing
content for the small screen of the mobile phone.

The Velocity project was originally intended to be an interactive
episodic drama that would enable the reader to send text messages
to the main character (Emma Kane) and to receive text and mms
messages from both the protagonist and the antagonist.

The idea behinfd the interaction with the fictional characters was to
explore the the notion of a non-linear narrative that enabled the
user to interact in real time. Viewers could therefore receive messages
from the fictional characters in the story, and I hoped that this would
heighten the viewer experience by promoting a more meaningful interaction
with characters and a sense of ownership of the story.

Viewers would be invited to enter the story space as characters sent
messages that would promote a response from the viewer.

Unfortunately the cost involved in the setting up of an automated
MMS Gateway proved prohibitative and this led to a downscaling
of the project to a more traditional form of linear storytelling.

The advantages afforded by the networked mobile device include
the ability of the user to reply or interact with the story characters,
therefore possibly enabling a deeper level of emersion in the storyline.

Unable to produce the ideal viewing environment for the Velocity
project, I have since moved on to Splinters(Convergence) which is a
story that I have written to explore the notion of presence and
co-presence associated with the mobile phone.

The following videos are documents of the process that I have
followed in the production of mobile narratives.

Velocity version 1

Multi screen installation version 1


~ by Dean on July 23, 2007.

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