Synopsis for “Splinters (convergence)”

Splinters (convergence)


The morning starts like any other day and Jess turns on the radio and prepares herself for the busy day ahead. On her arrival at work, Jess is surprised to find a small parcel on her desk. She surveys the room looking for signs of recognition from fellow workers, but the office staff are busy working, and the moment appears to go unnoticed.

The arrival of the gift, a mobile phone, triggers a bizarre series of events. Jess Madison feels she is being watched, and she is right. The mobile phone becomes a conduit for the delivery of creepy images and text messages from a mysterious admirer who is out to make Jess’s life a living hell.

But where does reality and fantasy begin and end? The lines begin to blur as Jess finds it increasingly difficult to tell fiction from reality. Is it all really happening, or is it simply all an illusion?

The threats become more menacing and the actions more violent. A scene in a local pool has a hand suddenly holding Jess’s head under the water. When she is finally released, Jess emerges gasping for breath; she cannot believe her plight has gone completely unnoticed by the people nearby.

The climax comes when Jess finally comes face to face with her tormentor on the platform of an underground train station. Instead of killing Jess, he commits suicide in front of her, therefore permanently traumatising her. The final image is a slow zoom to a freeze frame as Jess continues to scream.

Time is fractured and splintered as the virtual and real worlds converge
to create a surreal story space that has it’s roots in the subconscious world
of dreams and hidden desires.


~ by Dean on August 1, 2007.

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