Mobile video: Observation and Documentation

The mobile phone has become a tool for the capture and/or documentation
of the everyday. Images, videos and text messages provide evidence of our
social interactions as seen through the small screen. When using the mobile
phone camera as a production tool, it is difficult to ignore the advantages of
a discreet portable mobile device that enables it’s user to collect content
from a wide variety of environments. But how do mobile video and photographic
works operate within the context of the white cube space?

On a river-cat, travelling along the Brisbane river, I stood watching a woman’s
hair as it swirled in the breeze. A lone tropical flower fixed in place, hair
swinging to and fro, whilst the boat pushed forward through time and place.
In the tradition of the snapshot, the simplicity of this moment is captured and
recreated as a representation of the actual experience. A memorialisation of place.


~ by Dean on December 11, 2007.

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