The Mobile Media Group at RMIT announce solar-powered bluetooth server.

The Mobile Media Group at RMIT University are currently working on a host of
interesting projects which explore the potential of mobile media within the arts,
business and educatuons sectors.

Urban Myth 1 by geniwate

One of these projects, fronted by Jenny Weight, relates to the building
of our own solar-powered bluetooth server. The device will
be portable and run independently of mains power. The prototype, which is currently
being tested, can be used in artistic, media, commercial and educational contexts,
particularly when location-specific media is being distributed. In the first instance,
we envisage the device will promote engagement with issues surrounding the built
environment and city lifestyles. However, the opportunity also exists for rural installation.

Future directions for this device will be networking the bluetooth server with wifi
infrastructure to create a flexible, peer-to-peer and cost-effective mobile media distribution
device. Commercial applications for context sensitive media, for example bluecasting
applications are already being implemented. We expect these opportunities to grow.

For more information, check out the website below.


~ by Dean on February 17, 2008.

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