Mobile Phone Photography

The mobile phone presents visual artists with opportunities to
explore the photographic medium in new ways. The ubiquitous
mobile phone is always at hand and ready to capture the moment.
But what makes mobile phone photography any different from
using an everyday digital or analogue camera?

I believe what makes the mobile phone unique is our relationship
with the device. Even though many mobile phones have a camera,
they are not bound by the conventions of traditional photography.
Images taken on the mobile phone may often be less considered,
but perhaps this is the key advantage of mobile phone photography.
The nuances of the everyday experience are captured within the
intimate confines of the small screen. The Importance of the aesthetic
has been replaced by the importance of the subject matter.
Mobile phone images are signposts that document the nuances of the
the day-to-day. The content of these images often reflects
the banal events of our daily life, but I would argue that it is this very
banality that enables these images to often transcend their humble
origins and enable viewers to connect with the everyday experience.

Mobile phone photography and mobile video present us with images that
range from the mundane to the profound. Who can forget those grainy
green videos of the London Tube bombings in 2005. The aesthetic of
the mobile video of that time is unmistakable, yet it is that very fact
that the footage is recognizably mobile footage that we are able to imbue
the content with a sense of immediacy and authenticity.

So what kind of content is suited to mobile phone photography? Well,
I would suggest that the best content reflects the portability and proximity
of the mobile phone. The decisive moment is everywhere when you have a
mobile camera in your pocket.

I have compiled some of my mobile phone images on Flickr

So please take a look and if you would like to leave a link to your mobile images or leave feedback
please feel free to leave a comment.



~ by Dean on October 14, 2008.

One Response to “Mobile Phone Photography”

  1. I agree with u, u said the most suitable content is reflects the portability and proximity of the mobile phone. yeah!i think no matter where i go, so as i have a mobile camera, that will be very convenient! In my opinion, this is why a mobile phone was very popular if it combine with photography.

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