Online resources: top mobile media and social software blogs

The Poetics of Mobile Media

I have been writing my blog for a few years now and I
am pleased to say that I have finally submitted my MA.
The title of my Masters degree is Storytelling and Mobile Media:
Narratives for the Mobile Phone. The exegesis looks at the factors
that influence the production of mobile media narratives, and the
creative process behind my mobile phone photography and video art.

I plan to keep this blog going, but I will expand the nature of the blog to
include emergent media forms such as social software, virtual spaces, and
user generated content. These new technologies impact on the way we create,
socialise and express our creativity and identity. My blog will continue to be
a space to share ideas and publish my thoughts on new media and digital

I just thought it would be good to point out some of the outstanding
mobile media sites that are out there.

A brilliant resource is Universe creation 101 which has an enormous archive
of new media, narrative and mobile information. A highlight of the site is
a list of mobile dramas and extensive info on emergent narrative forms.

Mobile Muse is a must see blog for those interested
in all aspects of mobile media. It even has a section for
mobile newbies.

Another great blog is Mobile Experience.
Plenty of mobile info presented in an easy to read
format. Social trends, mobile business, video and
technology. Always a good read.

A must see blog is Snurblog: A comprehensive research blog on
mobile media, social software, USG, and new media theory.
Snurblog showcases current and innovative media
research from around the world.

Mo:life: An informative blog with an emphasis
on mobile media and business.


~ by Dean on October 17, 2008.

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  1. Would love to hear your thoughts on given your predilection for storytelling.

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