Mobile films enjoy success on Melbourne’s ihub bluetooth network


I just discovered that the mobile films from the Kamilya digital mini-fest (DMF)
are now online. I was fortunate enough to be invited to work with VCAL
students on the “Turning Point “project developed by Sally Drummond from
William Angliss Institute of Tafe.

This groundbreaking project, funded by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework,
promoted the use of mobile media to facilitate interactive and enhanced learning in
the classroom.

Students used mobile phones to shoot short films that were later edited on computers,
then entered into the Kamilya digital mini-fest. The selected films were viewed
on the ihub touchscreens dotted throughout the Melbourne CBD. Films could
also be downloaded from ihubs to a bluetooth enabled mobile phone using a
bluetooth technology developed by Aura Interactive called“BlueZones”.

The mobile films and an overview of the project can be found at

Click on the films tab to view the mobile films or watch the 2 mini docos
that provide an overview of the project.


~ by Dean on December 9, 2008.

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