Second Life Machinimas for Mobile Phones go online.


Pictured above: My SL alter ego Tick Choche.

Students recently studying Intergrated Media 2 at RMIT University were required
to produce machinimas for the mobile phone using the Second Life game engine.
The students were given the theme My Street, which coincided with the
“My Street” online competition. Entrants could upload their projects to
the “Pool” for others to watch.

Designed for the small screen of the mobile phone, the animations created by the RMIT
students explore notions of place and space, both virtual and physical. Stories range
from the personal, political, comical and thought provoking, but all are well worth a look.

Mobile media and Social Software applications are providing students with innovative
ways to learn, share and produce media content for contemporary audiences.
I believe that the limitations imposed upon students working within the parameters
of these online technologies promotes innovative methods of storytelling, placing a
strong emphasis on organizational and problem solving skills, as well as team
building strategies.

To take a look at some of the projects, simply click on the link below.


~ by Dean on December 10, 2008.

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