Mobile phones and evolutionary art.


I have  been reading a couple of interesting books on digital culture.
Delete: The virtue of forgetting in the digital age” (Mayer-Schonberger)
looks at the problems arising from the social obsession of documenting
our every move, whilst Christian Nold’s “Emotional Cartography”
(download free copy at is a collection
of essays which ponder the value of emotional mapping in public spaces.

Both of these texts are a good read and provide an insight into the ways
in which society is navigating and negotiating a path through the ever
changing digital landscape. I am about to start work on a new paper
which will look at the mobile phone-camera as a tool for surveillance,
and as a facilitator of free speech.

Lately I have been playing with mobile phone images and evolutionary art.
It’s nice to get a chance to play whilst I am working on a few new projects.
In 2009 I curated the “EVOLVE” exhibition held at The Design Hub Gallery
in Melbourne. For more information see:

Here’s a few of my early evolutionary art pics…..





~ by Dean on November 13, 2009.

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