Digital Ghosts in the Network

The subject of my Phd is the use of digital media by artists to create creative works
which explore dialogues around memory and place.  This has got me thinking
about the ways in which digital and network technologies frame our memories
and shape the way we perceive personal information which is produced and/or
filtered/mediated via a range of digital tools and applications.

So how can/do digital technologies frame our memories and perceptions of people and place?

How can/do we leave a digital presence after death?

These are both interesting questions for me. But most importantly, how can artists use
digital and networked technologies to create works which communicate such ideas?
As I set out on a journey to explore these issues, I am presented with a range of works
by artists such as Bill Viola, Rachel Whiteread, and Christain Boltanski.

I have started to explore this theme of memory in my own work. Whether it be a
recording of everyday events such as in my video ‘Memory Cathedral’ (2008) which
was shot on a mobile phone) or through the revisiting of archival video footage in
‘All that Remains’ (2011), dedicated to my sister who died suddenly in 2005.

Video Still taken from ‘All that Remains’ (2011).

So as I investigate a range of research methodologies and creative practices
for the production of my thesis and related creative works, I find myself
trying to locate what it is exactly that I want to say about this new digital
realm that we inhabit. At this point there are only images and a few words that
spring to mind, and I am yet to decipher there relevance to the finished work.



Digital Ghosts


I see the words above as signposts which give me some direction, a path to walk
as I set out to explore the issues outlined above. When I look back at my previous
creative works, it would appear that I have always had an interest in personal histories
and the documentation of human experience.

This post is just the beginning of the process and I hope to use this blog as a place to
document my process towards the completion of my Phd and the ongoing development
of my creative work.


~ by Dean on November 28, 2011.

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