The Aesthetic of Memory

The Phd is taking shape and the key themes are emerging. I have long been
interested in the connection between place and memory, in particular  Nora’s
theories around memory sites (“Les lieux de mémoire”).

Traces of presence can be found in the well worn concrete of the steps
outside railways stations and public buildings, troughs worn into stone
through the weight of presence that gives life to the city.  But how are these
echoes captured or reproduced using digital technologies and is there such
a thing as an aesthetic of memory? What role does the visual arts play in
helping us to better understand our relationship with place?

Themes and questions emerging are:

How do artists use digital media to create works about memory and remembrance?

Patinas of memory.

Spirit of place.

Digital ghosts.

The aura of the image.

The punctum.

Digital heaven and the electronic afterlife.

Memory traces in digital realms.


~ by Dean on March 6, 2012.

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