Camera Obscura: The Analog Project.

Today is the beginning of the analog project. A Camera Obscura was set up in one of
the rooms in the Art School and these are some of the images produced during the
session. I can already see connections between my earlier work shot on camera-phones,
and in particular the ‘Order of Magnitude’ (2008) series.

Memory has played an important role in the production of my recent images.
I am particularly interested in the notion of traces, the residual ‘aura’ (see Benjamin)
that arguably remains woven into the materiality of the image itself. Notions of
nostalgia are projected onto the image surface, as these images appear to take
on the appearance of archival colour photographs, postcards from forgotten times.
Pockets of soft focus may be better understood  as gaps that invite the viewer to
fill in spaces within the image, in a manner not dissimilar to adding the final pieces
to a jig-saw puzzle. Each moment extracted from the big picture may be better
understood as an imperfect piece of a grand narrative, they are visual echoes
and/or renderings of our everyday experience.

In his essay ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’ (1936)
Benjamin states:

        by focusing on hidden details of familiar objects, by exploring 
        common place milieus under the ingenious guidance of the camera, 
        the film, on the one hand, extends our comprehension of the 
        necessities which rule our lives; on the other hand, it manages to 
       assure us of an immense and unexpected field of action. Our taverns 
       and our metropolitan streets, our offices and furnished rooms, our 
       railroad stations and our factories appeared to have us locked up 
       hopelessly. Then came the film and burst this prison-world asunder
       by the dynamite of the tenth of a second, so that now, in the midst 
       of its far-flung ruins and debris, we calmly and adventurously go 

The camera arguably becomes a looking glass to capture the traces of our
adventures within the post-modern urbanscape, but rather than magnify to
provide clarity, my objective is to promote a gentle erosion of information
that invites a visual disruption that asks the viewer to participate in the
assemblage of narrative cues in order to construct a narrative. Soft and receding,
a shimmering horizon, a desert shore that lies somewhere between the state of
arrival and departure.

My plan is to assemble a portable Camera Obscura and move around the city capturing
still images and video. I hope to produce a number of pinhole cameras that will be left
around the city to capture images of everyday life.

Please click on individual images to view them separately.

The images below were taken from at 2:30pm.

Camera_obscura1 webcamera_obscura9 web

camera_obscura7 webcamera_obscura6 webcamera_obscura4 webcamera_obscura5 webCamera_obscura3 webcamera_obscura2 web

The images below were taken at 6:30pm.

Canera_obscura10 webCamera_Obscura12 webCamera_Obscura17 webCamera_Obscura18 webCamera_Obscura19 webCamera_Obscua20 web


~ by Dean on January 23, 2013.

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