Canberra Obscura

Canberra Obscura from Dean Keep on Vimeo.

Today I started thinking about the role of the moving image
within this project. The project is in its early stages but
Canberra Obscure seems a good working title for the
moment. In this pre-planned city, shaped for occupation,
movement is designed to flow along the concrete streams
that direct traffic in and out of the city. But there is a haze,
a quiet space that shimmers under the skin of this city, a
ghost world that slowly reveal itself within the Camera
Obscura. The traces of people and places, an external world
etched onto the walls of an interior, a room of memories.

For me, there is often something powerful about the soft focus
image. A sign compromised by ambiguity, it’s surface scratched
and worn, yet visceral and loaded with the potential that is
brought to the image by the viewer. The lost parts of the
image draw our focus to what is absent, rather than what is
present, and as we attempt to fill in the gaps we become both
writer and reader.

mobile canberra obscura from Dean Keep on Vimeo.

In digital video, the pixels vibrate on the image surface.
Like diamond dust catching the light, the pixels are reminders
of the inescapable materiality of the video form, but I would
argue that it is the erosion of the image that offers artists
the potential for experimentation.


~ by Dean on January 26, 2013.

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