Pinhole Postcards

Today I spent the afternoon walking around Canberra. It’s difficult to recognise
many of the locations I photographed with the pinhole camera. Unfortunately,
many of the photo paper negatives were overexposed. I carried out tests yesterday,
but I had not factored in that I had been in a relatively sheltered location in late
afternoon, whereas today I was in full sun. What I had thought would be a ideal
exposure time of 10 seconds was far too long, an exposure time of 5 seconds would
have produced a better quality photo paper negative. Oh well, you learn by your
mistakes and I will try to be more aware of the light quality in the future.

Pinhole_scenic1_web Pinhole_scenic3_web  Pinhole_scenic5_web Pinhole_scenic6_web Pinhole_scenic7_web Pinhole_scenic9_web Pinhole_shine_dome_web

The size of the pinhole in the camera I made is perhaps too large, so I think if
I stick with exploring the pinhole camera a little longer I will use a much finer
pinhole to get slower exposure times and a slightly sharper image.

The photographs below were taken at the same location. One was taken
with a pinhole camera and the other with a camera-phone. The photos
enable the viewer to see the visual effect of the pinhole camera (analogue)
in comparison to a digital imaging device.




~ by Dean on February 5, 2013.

One Response to “Pinhole Postcards”

  1. hi Dean, This is Jo-Mei from Taiwan and temporary stay in Sydney as a residency artist. I ran into your blog while searching the information about pinhole camera. I have interest to self make one as part of my ongoing art project, “7000km Landscape”. I am looking for some technique suggestion. If you have any interest and can kindly do help, please contact me. My email: Many thanks!! all bests, –Jo-Mei (2015.09.24)

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