Artists I met and liked….

I have a little yellow notebook that was given to me by a friend. On its hardback cover is the simple sentence ARTISTS I MET AND LIKED it. And even though I have met and liked artists, for me the book is a place to jot down thoughts about my own creative practice.

I just got back from Canberra where I was doing a 5 day intensive workshop on ‘writing about practice’. The objective of the workshop was to help post-graduate students to find their voice, so that they are better equipped to write their exegesis. The short duration of the workshop means that you really have little time to over think things, and this is a good strategy for people such as myself who tend to be overly self critical. So, my little yellow book got a good workout over the week and this has helped me to really get down to the nitty gritty of my Phd and hopefully to start moving forward on producing some work.

As Martyn, my supervisor, said to me “less yappin, more snappin”. And he is right of course because nothing gets made by simply thinking about it. So the next stage of the Phd
begins, and I have thought a lot about the direction, infact I have probably thought too much about the nature of my work and need to whittle down the plethora of themes I have listed in my little yellow book. I took some photographs whilst in Canberra, nothing in particular and nothing special but sometimes you just need to get snappin and see what ideas start to emerge.


So quite a few themes to explore and a few solid ideas emerging from a playful session with the digital camera. I have always liked the vapour trails expelled from aircraft, thick white lines that cut through the sky. I am working on a series of photographs which are very simple compositions which document these lines, as well as some image that play with the idea of light and darkness.. The physical work of Mike Parr and the energy inherent in te paintings of Francis Bacon offers some very interesting points of investigation. I think you really need to try out a lot of ideas in order to find a subject matter that can support a Phd exegesis and a large body of work.



~ by Dean on May 5, 2013.

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