Photographing the past in the present.


The relationship between time and the photographic image is a key part of my Phd project,
and its fair to say that discussions around temporality are unavoidable when looking at
ways to capture a sense of the past in the present. Apart from the obvious use of a
Black & White photograph to allude to the past, I am often find myself wondering what
techniques I can employ to communicate my belief that that the past and present co-exist
in the one moment.

On a recent trip I went back to Aspendale, a beachside suburb I grew up in and where
I spent my childhood. There were many sunny summer days spent lying on the beach
and lazy walks home along the hot concrete footpaths. It has been years since I was
last in Aspendale and the prospect of photographing it and the surrounding suburbs
seemed a little daunting at first, but as I walked around the memories came flooding
back and I just photographed anything that I felt compelled to capture on my old
Mamiya 220 twins lens reflex camera. Unfortunately, it turns out that the camera
is in need of a service or that I need a new portable light meter, as many of the images
were very underexposed, and yet some images in the same location had correct exposures.
The camera will need to go in for a service, so now its time to look through the images.
I am shooting on Fuji chrome, so I put the transparencies on a lightbox and took some
photographs with my smartphone. Some of the images have colour casts, so its important
note that these images are being used for simply looking for interesting ideas that might
be emerging from the photographs.

Beach1 Beach2 Beach3 Boat1   ShopSunday School1 Sunday School2


~ by Dean on June 9, 2014.

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