The Auratic Charge: Using photography to interrogate personal and cultural sites of significance.


I am currently in the process of finalising my questions for my Phd. I have a strong sense of what I want this creative research to explore. I am now in the process of producing a series of visual experiments with the aim of teasing out some of the themes and ideas in the questions below.

Questions to consider:

What are charged spaces? Are the charges spaces personal or culturally specific? Eg; Aspendale is personal whereas Hiroshima is the site of an internationally significant event?

How does photography change our relationship or understanding of charged places?

How can photography be used as a tool to analyse and/or interrogate notions of auratic charge in places of personal or cultural significance?

How do other photographers go about photographing charged spaces?

What equipment do they use and/or processes do they go through?

Am I capturing the charge or creating the charge through photographic devices and visual language?

Are the spaces charged or are the images charged, or both?


~ by Dean on August 29, 2014.

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