About this Blog

I am currently enrolled in a Phd program at the Canberra School of Art
and will be using this blog to record my journey. The research will look at the ways
in which artists use digital media to create dialogues around memory and place.

Over the next four years, I aim to examine the creative opportunities presented
by digital media and how this medium is arguably reconfiguring our understanding
of the past.  Our relationship with the images, videos and various artifacts that inform
our personal and collective memory of past events is perhaps now shaped by the
technologies that transform our memories into code, which are then scattered
across the internet via social software or stored as data on personal computers.

It appears that our memories are reconstituted via the visiting of digital archives,
rather than fixed in the indexical language of traditional photography.
But digital technologies also present artists with opportunities to explore and
exploit the unique qualities of digital mediums, thus creating new interpretations
of past events and memories.

Over the next four years I will investigate the visual aesthetic of digital media and
how this medium can be used by artists to create hybrid creative forms which extend
our understanding of memory and creative practice.

Please note: A  pdf of my completed Masters exegesis can also be downloaded on this site.

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One Response to “About this Blog”

  1. Dear Dean Keep,
    I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for literature about the aesthetics of mobile communication. How does the images recorded with mobile phone cameras differ from the classical film camera language? Have you come across literature about that subject?
    By the way, I have a blog on similar subjects called the moving web. It deals with new forms of storytelling at the edge of classical moving media (like film & tv) and the web. (www.movingweb.org)
    Mybe you feel like stopping by?
    Best regards, Simon Ruschmeyer

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