Read my Masters exegesis: Storytelling and Mobile Media


Over the past 4 years I have been looking at the potential
of the mobile phone as a tool for the production and display
of various forms of storytelling.

In my Masters exegesis”Storytelling and Mobile Media:
Narratives for the Mobile Phone” I have investigated the
role played by media convergence and narrative theory, in
particular Mieke Bal, in shaping our understanding of mobile
narratives. To support the 22,000 word document, I have
produced 8 digital works that explore the parameters of the
mobile phone.

Rather than focus on the network capabilities of the mobile,
for that is the next step, the focus of these projects lies in
the construction of the narrative itself. My aim was to create
stories that take advantage of the intimate nature of mobile
media. The stories range from deeply personal, fictional,
and social documents; and use the mediums of video and

In the following month I will upload an online version
with links to all the projects, but some of these projects
are currently dotted throughout this blog.

To download a copy just click on the link below. (25MB)

Storytelling for Mobile Media PDF


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